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Exemption from import tariffs for major scientific and technological projects, including "nuclear high base" and new generation broadband wireless mobile communication

The Ministry of Finance, together with the Ministry of Science and Technology, the National Development and Reform Commission, the General Administration of Customs and the State Administration of Taxation, recently issued a notice clarifying the import tax policy for major science and technology projects to support the research and development of major national strategic products, key common technologies and Megaproject and create an environment that encourages independent innovation. The notice stipulates that starting from July 15, 2010, enterprises, colleges, research institutes, and other public institutions that undertake the major special projects (topics) of Minkou Science and Technology in the National Medium and Long Term Science and Technology Development Plan Outline (2006-2020) shall use central and local financial funds Key equipment (including software tools and technologies), components, and raw materials that cannot be produced domestically for imported projects (projects) with self raised funds and funds obtained from other channels are exempt from import tariffs and import value-added tax. Major projects of Minkou Science and Technology include core electronic devices, high-end general-purpose chips and basic software products, large-scale integrated circuit manufacturing equipment and complete processes, new generation broadband wireless mobile communication network, high-end CNC machine tools and basic manufacturing equipment, large-scale oil and gas field and coalbed methane development, large-scale advanced pressurized water reactor and High-temperature gas reactor nuclear power plants, etc. (People's Daily)
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